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Carter Randall is the co-founder, Principal broker and managing partner for PPC Commercial Real Estate. He began his career in real estate in 2001 and helped create PPC Commercial in 2008. Dedicated to growing PPC, he is responsible for the day to day management as well as driving its overall growth trajectory. He is an active broker who has been comprehensively involved in all aspects and types of commercial real estate.

Believing that an informed client is in a better position to take advantage of their particular market, Carter emphasizes open communication with his clients. his role is to provide superior service in transactions and behave more as a partner rather than a facilitator. By looking out for his partners best interests, Carter has garnered and retained long term clients.

Carter follows this same rational with regard to the brokers within PPC, continuously trying to improve the communications so that each broker feels they are a part of an overall team. This interplay has helped create a synergistic atmosphere, positive work environment and is in large part the fundamental reason for PPC continued growth and success.